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Breaking News 2016…..Our home rifle club in Fresno, California FRESNO RIFLE AND PISTOL CLUB RECEIVES AMAZING DONATION FROM NRA FOUNDATION The Friends of NRA is widely recognized as the fundraising arm of The NRA foundation. All net proceeds go to local clubs and groups to benefit the future of the shooting sports. Fundraising is accomplished through local Friends of NRA dinners, including live and silent auctions. A local chapter of Friends of NRA recently awarded a NRA Foundation grant to the Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club for $38,000! This grant funded the installation of a cement block wall in the pits of the pistol silhouette and high-power range. Since 2015, the club has received three grants totaling nearly $85,000, to be used for pit wall repair, improvement of range roads, and the purchase of a double-wide trailer to be used for youth training, Boy Scouts, Naval Sea Cadets, and law enforcement agencies. This was the first club-owned range in California, incorporated in 1929. The 222 acre facility is located at virtually the center of the state, providing a convenient place for shooters from all parts of California to meet for practices and events. Last year, approximately 40,000 shooters visited the club, which offers a wide variety of ranges that include pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery, bench rest, and cowboy shooting. The club is open to the public and benefits groups like the Young Marines, California Junior High Power Rifle Team, Clovis Police Department and Swat Team, Marine Reserves, Fresno County Sheriffs and Swat Team, Fresno County Probation, and more. From 1985-2015, Tom and I jointly managed the high power section of the Fresno Rifle and Pistol Club(FRPC) . Although we have officially retired from the duties of high power chairmen, we remain committed to the betterment of this club. There are always projects that need attention! My most recent projects have been in the role of writer of the grant requests for the FRPC. This was not an easy task. There was a lot of writing, many questions to answer. Some questions had 500 word maximums, and we needed it all! In January 2015, I had the privilege of attending the annual meeting of our local Friends of NRA committee where they vote on all requests from their area. Several months prior to that meeting, members were mailed a booklet comprised of all the grant requests for their area. They were to study that booklet so they were well aware of the details of the grant requests when they attended the annual meeting. The committee members wanted to grant full funding for all the requests; however, the amount of the requests exceeded the funds available, making it necessary to grant partial funding for some of them. Thorough preparation and proper presentation of the grant requests weighed heavily in their chance for success. Prior to the annual meeting, our range master gave the designated NRA committee member a tour of our range so that he could see what had been accomplished with the first grant given to our club for road repairs to improve access to the high power/pistol range. We also extended an invitation to the Friends of the NRA Committee to come to our annual swapmeet and annual meeting so they could promote their fund raisers and tell people about their program. After receiving word about the success of the grant requests, I called to thank them. Also we made sure they received copies of the club newsletter with an article and pictures of the work made possible by the grants. The path to a successful grant request is an arduous one. If your project is one of the many deserving projects out there that should be considered for a grant by the NRA Foundation, please do not be dissuaded from achieving your goal. Having gone through the process several times now, I have learned a great deal the hard way. Please feel free to contact me at (559)281-2118 or tlcgunworks@yahoo.com. I will be very happy to share information and make the path easier for you.