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Shooting coat bag_0.JPG

Shooting Coat Bag—made of nylon packcloth, measures 21”x 27”. Colors: Royal Blue, Tan. Velcro closure with additional vertical velcro. Easy to close, no zipper problems.Roomy design allows you to carry coat, sweatshirt, hat and glove.Next to your rifle, your coat is the biggest investment you make in the quality of your shooting experience, so why not protect it AND make it easy to carry. Has a detachable, adjustable nylon strap which may be used over the shoulder or as a handle when transporting your coat to the range. Price: $23.95
*TLC Exclusive


093 (Small)_0.JPG

TLC Elbow Pad

TLC Elbow Pad---Dimensions: 6” H x 4 7/8” W Designed to be worn inside your shooting coat. Made with a special formula, the liner effectively cushions your elbow providing long-lasting protection. Outside materials are cotton lycra and cotton ribbing with elastic top and bottom, including elasticized thread throughout allowing for total flexibility. Our uniquely designed elbow pad is currently protecting the elbows of shooters  in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Price: $27.00

Barrel hat_1.JPG

TLC Barrel Condom

TLC Barrel Condom :Colors: Royal Blue, Tan.
Dimensions: 9 ¾” L x 4 ½” W
Made of heavy gauge vinyl. Protects your rifle case when sliding rifle in and out of case. No more tearing the case by hanging up the front sight. Designed to stay in the case when you remove your rifle, just slip it on the barrel when you are ready to put your rifle back in the case.

Price: $3.00

127 (Small)_1.JPG

TLC Brass/You-Call-It Bag

TLC Brass/You-Call-It Bag- Made of nylon packcloth with velcro closure. Colors: Royal Blue, Brown, Camo. Size: 8’ x 10”.This durable bag will serve you well as a brass bag or for small miscellaneous gear that is so necessary on the range or in your storage/work room. Price- $7.50


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