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TLC Gunworks was established in 1989 in Clovis, California. We relocated to Weiser, Idaho in November of 2018. Owned and operated by competitive shooters, we understand the needs of shooters. It has always been our trademark to provide innovative products of the highest quality and exceptional customer service.

Our innovative products include exclusive TLC elbow pads, a wind calculator which can be used by all shooters at various distances, red and red/yellow range flags, a barrel condom, cart cover, unique shooting stool rain cover, TLC shirts and more.

We hope you check out our new website. Let us know if you have any suggestions on how we may improve the web site to be of better service to you. New products and informational articles will be added as they become available. Thank you for your interest in TLC Gunworks. Due to the fact that the majority of our business is custom work, all clients are seen by appointment only. Please call ahead so that we may schedule an appointment for you.

Office Hours 9a.m.-4p.m. MST

TLC Gunworks

Weiser, Idaho. 83672



Thomas Luhmann

Lifetime big game/bird hunter
Gunsmith: 30 years – individuals, teams, military
Highpower competition shooting experience: 1984 – present
NRA Highpower Classification: Highmaster(with M-1A)
NRA Long range Classification: Highmaster
Elihu Root Team-Camp Perry
President’s Hundred (with M-1A)
Distinguished Rifleman(with M-1A)
Soldier of Marathon Trophy-Camp Perry
California State Rifle Team
Coaching Experience: 20 years – Individuals, clinics, Navy Seal sniper training instructor and armorer.

Aleta L. Luhmann

Custom coat and custom product design - 20 years.
Highpower competition shooting experience: 1985 – present.
NRA Highpower Classification: Master(with M-1A)
NRA Long range Classification: High Master
Distinguished Rifleman(with M-1A)
California State Rifle Team
Camp Perry competitor: 1985 – 1997
Camp Perry National Trophy Individual Match: High Woman
Coaching Experience: 20 years – Individuals, clinics, Navy Seal sniper training
California State Long Range Woman Champion: 2006

Eric Luhmann

Lifetime big game/bird hunter
High power competition shooting experience: 1984-present
NRA Highpower classification: Highmaster(with M1-A)
Elihu Root  Team- Camp Perry
President's Hundred (M1-A)
Distiguished Rifleman(M1-A age:16)
California State Jr. Champion
California State Champion
Golden Eagle Trophy- Camp Perry
Nathan Hale Trophy- Camp Perry
Minuteman Trophy - Camp Perry
Junior Infantry Trophy Team - Camp Perry
Soldier of Marathon - Camp Perry
Letherneck Trophy - Camp Perry
National Junior Service Rifle Champion
National Junior  Rifle Champion
Civilian Service Rifle Champion
Farr Trophy - Camp Perry
Coaching experience: 20 years - Individuals, clinics, Navy SEAL sniper training